President's Reception



  1. 2015 SME Lean Manufacturing Round Tables

    Jan 20 - May 19
    ME, United States
  2. Philly Tech Week

    Apr 17 - 25
    Philadelphia, PA, United States
  3. Industrial Control Tour

    Apr 20, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (ET)
    Zeeland, MI, United States
  4. Skills USA NC Competition

    Apr 21 - 23
    United States
  5. LECTURE: "Lean Principles and Hoshin Kanri" by Carl Williams & David Kennedy (ASQ/SME joint meeting)

    Apr 21, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (CT)
    Memphis, TN, United States


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    RE:Research about baby bottles production

    Posted in: Chapter...

    Thanks Kevin. This is very helpfu

  • Kevin Gregerson

    RE: Research about baby bottles production

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    Silicone as a material can be easily form fitted via thermal injection molding. But you can get...

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    Research about baby bottles production

    Posted in: Chapter...

    Good morning, I am working with a research project for the construction of a production line of...

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    Corrosion on Aluminum 5454

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    Hello, Recently we came across corrosion issue during stamping process. The material we are using...

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    RE: Steel Stamping

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    Hi John - Still in evaluation process for locking down them material but wanted to see if there...



Robotic - Simple Fexible and Affordable?

What Can I Automate? – Collaborative Robotics, Simple, Flexible and Affordable
SRC Electrical Products April 16th 6:00 p.m
2700 North Commerce Presentation starts at 6:30 pm
Springfield, Mo. 65803

Chapter 15 Chair Message

Message Written by John Buchner

Chapter 15 Chairman's Message

Message written by John Buchner

Hydraflow Tour

Hydraflow Tour March 25th



  • Natalie Lowell

    SME 2015 Student Focus Group (West Coast)

    Machining & Material Removal Community

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    High Energy, hands-free surface finishing of 3-D metal printed parts

    Centrifugal barrel equipment was used to develop surface finishes on these 3-D metal printed parts...

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    3-D Printed Metal Hands-Free Finishing withCentrifugal Isotropic Finishing

    RTAM Community

    SME MMR Isotropic Surface Finish Research Project Looking for parts to use as test specimens for beta-testing and...

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    What are Isotropic Surfaces? Would you know one if you saw one? Why is this so important?

    What are isotropic surfaces from Dav

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    Beta Testing Program - MMR Isotropic Surface Finish Research Program

    Machining & Material Removal Community