Welcome to the Stamping & Dies Tech Group, which is part of SME's Forming & Fabricating Community. As part of the Technical Community for Forming & Fabricating industry professionals, the Stamping & Dies Tech Group aims to provide valuable community resources to its members. The members are invited and encouraged to create documents regarding their specific skills and industrial "niches" for publication here, within SME TMEH Wiki, or as technical papers published by SME.

Instructional documents and Case Studies are welcome additions to the knowledge base of SME. Additionally, members are invited to "curate" knowledge by sharing with the membership at large any relevant publications that they may find on the web for discussion with the members. More than just a "virtual community" the Stamping & Dies Tech Group hosts monthly meetings delivered via WEBEX. During these meetings the members and invited panelists discuss technical topics.

Meetings will normally be the Second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 PM Eastern Time). Meetings are typically recorded and will be available for streaming later. Find more information about our meetings here: http://i.sme.org/stampingdiestechgroup/StampingandDiesHome/Calendar or view our archive at http://i.sme.org/stampingdiestechgroup/stampinganddieshome/documents/technicalpresentationsarchive

Use this page as a portal to Meet, Know, and Grow as a stamping pro.
We have posted here a Calender of events, Body of Knowledge, and ongoing projects for the community. You can find those links under the HOME button to the upper left of the site.


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Recent Member Posts

  • Eric Kam

    Archive of Past Stamping and Die TechGroup meetings and presentations

    Stamping & Dies Tech Group

    We are starting to address a backlog of recent presentations that had been shared during the stamping and dies techgroup...

  • Eric Kam

    The Stamping and Dies Technical Group has a project planned for 2013

    Stamping & Dies Tech Group

    The members of the Stamping and dies technical group discussed our intent to take an out of service press from one of...

  • Eric Kam

    Forming and Fabricating Technical Community leader visiting Seattle Area January 23rd-24th. Meet-up with Chapter 39 members?

    Stamping & Dies Tech Group

    Greetings from the Rust Belt. I have been invited by some of your members to offer a seminar/workshop at their...


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Come to our meetings-Online Second Wednesday of the Month 1:00 PM eastern time Registration link found in the events calendar for the tech group.


  • Stamping: Metal forming process usually applied to Sheet Metal, where-in a product and specific tool or set of tools imparts the near net shape of the intended product into the sheet metal.
  • Die: a tool used in sheet metal stamping for work the sheet metal, through either a stretching, cutting, or folding action.
  • Press: a machine used to operate dies



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