SME's Silicon Valley Chapter 98 is a non-profit organization advancing manufacturing, education, and technical knowledge to build the foundation for increased product development, manufacturing, and work force development in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We specialize in plant tours, technical events, and student outreach. 

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, innovations, and solutions.
  • Connect with people that can help you discover business opportunities.
  • Grow with education programs designed to help advance your career.
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Upcoming Events

“Health of Manufacturing in Northern California” Presentation
 Bill Browne, MANEX & Dinner
San Jose, CA
Tuesday, August 25, 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Eventbrite - Medical and Environmental Packaging Test Lab @ Test-o-Pac, June 23rd




Chapter Chair
Cynthia Cook

Kevin Gregerson

Kyle Macleod

Phil Ogaz

Project Manager
Parag Patel

Webmaster/Digital Communications
David Winslow

Director of Student Chapters
Raya Zion

Student Chapter Liaison
Raya Zion

Event Director for Annual Conference
Joanne Moody

Tour Director
Kyle Macleod

Membership Director
Zack Makowsky

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Liason
Fernando Albayeros

SVEC Representative & Director
Guy Dellavecchia




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    CAD Drawings - Troubleshooting

    Silicon Valley No. 98

    Engineers, purchasing professionals and others often submit schematics and drawings in paper form without a CAD file....

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    Semicon West 2013 and Intersolar West 2013 - Commentary

    Silicon Valley No. 98

    This July in San Francisco, California, an annual conference was held at the Moscone Center. This conference is traditionally...

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    Rapid Manufacturing

    Silicon Valley No. 98

    There is a common misconception that manufacturing is not rapid and that a new additive technology is set to replace existing...



There is more to do beyond attending meetings. Become a volunteer for student outreach, event planning, plant tours, membership, sponsorship and more!  


Our vision is to support the Bay Area in increasing an environment for growth and job creation.


Our mission is to acquire and provide knowledge and connections for leading edge product development, manufacturing, student outreach, and work force development in the community.

Past Chairs/Advisors

Joanne Moody
Jonathan Cook
Seth Bates
Mark Brinkerhoff
Keith Krook
Barbara Roberts


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