Metal Forming Simulation Technical Group

The Metal Forming Simulation Technical Group is part of the Forming and Fabricating Technical Community of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. It's mission is to provide the community of practitioners of metal forming simulation with the opportunity to Meet | Know | Grow along with their peers in the field. 

It is the intent of the group to establish norms and guidelines for the consistent math based tools used to simulate metal forming processes.  To define typical uses cases and limitations of Finite Element Analysis methods and inputs and out puts needed for the engineering, design, and validation of metal forming. While it is not the intent to provide direct support of the use of any particular simulation solution, we endeavor to create a useful library of meaningful inputs and scenarios by which users of commercial simulation packages can best succeed.

Projects under consideration:
  • Materials Data file exchange (members who have tested actual material data lots, exchange raw tensile test data and R values to enable better material file creation)
  • Simulations guidelines (practical guidelines on simulation inputs and variables to best model the physical die conditions)
  • Best practices for evaluation and corrective actions 
If you are an engineer whose work entails running metal forming simulation you are encouraged to share you experiences. We will do our best to be "non-denominational" so long as we all avoid dogmatic arguments over whose code is better or worse.



* Jon Brouwer, Autodie LLC
* Eric Kam, AutoForm Engineering GmbH
* Richard Birchen, AutoForm Engineering USA Inc.
* and maybe you? Contact us to find out more


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  • Eric Kam

    Put it out there and people will find it (eventually)

    Metalforming Simulation Tech Group

    Using a medium like a Blog, or the TMEH wiki, or the discussion forums on the net can be sometimes a little anticlimactic....

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  • Eric Kam

    Metal Forming Simulation experience exchange

    Metalforming Simulation Tech Group

    Attempting to see if we can put aside the petty bickering over the superiority of the code that I use over your (mine...



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