TCN Webinar


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    David Niss

    Western Digital
    Boulder, CO
    United States

  2. Eric Kam
    Eric Kam

    Autoform Engineering
    Troy, MI
    United States

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    Marshall Gartenlaub

    Technical Employment Training
    Beaumont, CA
    United States



  1. Upcoming Events

    Apr 1 - Jun 30
    United States
  2. Aviation Academy is doing a Yankee Candle fundraiser

    Apr 3 - 25
  3. 17th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

    Apr 15 - 17
    Norwood, MA, United States
  4. SME Chapter 182 April Membership Meeting

    Apr 16, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (ET)
    Charlotte, NC, United States
  5. 8th Annual Student Manufacturing Engineering Presentation Competition sponsored by SME-Spokane

    Apr 16, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (PT)
    Cheney, WA, United States


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    Jeopardy Reminder

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SME Chapter 430 Event Calender 2014

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Announcing the New “Mechanical Engineering Technology” degree to be offered by MSU
Presented by Dr. Kevin Hubbard
Thursday, April 17, 2014
SRC Electrical 2720 N. Commerce Drive
Springfield MO

April, 2014 Plant Tour

We will have a tour of Puckett Machinery on April 3, 2014.

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    PRIME Seattle HS on the News

    Seattle No. 39

    Article from the Seattle Times discussing STEM education in Seattle, including a highlight on SME Chapter 39's upcoming...

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    Lean Exam Certification Materials

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    Thank You, Ch 39 Volunteers!

    Seattle No. 39

    March was a busy month for Chapter 39 in Seattle, and I want to thank all of the volunteers for their time, dedication,...

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    3D Robotics Works To 'Demilitarize' Drones

    Dayton No. 18

    3D Robotics CEO and Co-Founder Chris Anderson shows off the Iris, an insect-like drone that's rigged with a leveling...

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    OEE Integrated with Financial Performance

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE is a great metric to understand where your operational losses are. There are...