October 2017


From the Chair

Hard to believe the summer is coming to a close but SME has you covered with a Tech Talk about  METAL 3D printing. This meeting will be our second one at the University of Denver.  

The world is changing quickly, technology is changing the face of manufacturing. 3D printing is mainstream but printing metals has been an elusive target.  Progress has been made, Fortune 500 companies such as GE and, Lockheed have spent millions to print metal in 3D. What makes Desktop Metal unique is that it is affordable for smaller business - around $100K.  I do hope you can join us for our September meeting. 

Those in attendance at our May meeting were amazed at the facilities at University of Denver's Innovation Floor.  It is what some call a "maker space," although the equipment offerings are first class.  Michael Caston, the Director of the Innovation Floor has done a fantastic job of putting the lab together and has big plans for the future.  Part of the mission is to integrate the Floor with the community and local business.  What it will look like in five years time is hard to imagine.

Our July tour with Phoenix Weaponry was well attended, they are a full-service machine shop that also happens to manufacture very high-quality firearms.  After the tour, we went to the range and tested some of their handiwork.  If it ever comes to it, SME members are some pretty good shots!

For October we have an excellent tour lined up, not quite ready to announce it at the time of this writing but do watch your inbox.

Mike Sickenger
Chapter Chairman
SME Chapter 354