April 2016

Monthly Meeting

VSI Parylene

325 Interlocken Parkway

Building C

Broomfield, CO

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VSI Parylene exploits the unique characteristics of a vapor deposition process to deposit parylene molecule by molecule. This process produces a high performance polymer coating unmatched by liquid or spray coatings.


Applying spray-and-dip coatings to sensitive devices typically introduces thermal and mechanical stresses, which limits product quality and inhibits component design. Parylene is deposited at room temperature which eliminates any thermal or mechanical stresses on parts during deposition.


Parylene’s outstanding electrical insulation characteristics, as well as its excellent barrier protection, make it an enabling solution for precision applications demanding the highest levels of protection. Parylene creates an umatched barrier and is truly conformal, implantable, biostable, and biocompatible.


Parylene forms an ultra-thin polymer layer on almost any substrate with superior crevice and multi-layer penetration, and with its unsurpassed barrier protection, automotive parylene is used in a variety of applications. For example, the gold wire used in some sensors is often coated with parylene. Other times, whole sensors are coated in parylene to withstand the harsh environment as well as gas fumes or other pollutants.