July 2017



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It has been five years since we’ve had what was one of the best attended events that we have ever sponsored.  It was in June of 2012 to be exact and it was the annual family picnic at Temperature Processing’s firing range.

Well, this year we will try to repeat the success of the previous picnic with two major changes.  The first is a tour of Phoenix Weaponry beginning at 4:30 pm.

Phoenix Weaponry is located at:

1822 Skyway Dr. Unit P

Longmont, CO 80504

Phoenix Weaponry is a precision machine shop specializing in the manufacture of custom weapons.  The shop was started in 2014 by Aaron Cayce to utilize his 26 years of machining/manufacturing experience. 

The second major difference in this year’s picnic at the firing range will be automatic weapons.  Aaron has agreed to let us use some of his weapons at the range.  There will be a per clip charge for the use of each weapon, but you can fire any weapon you choose.  (See list below).

The cost will be a $50.00 entrance fee that includes the Barbeque and one clip for the weapon of your choice.  Clips for any additional guns you want to shoot (except the 22’s which will be free) will be $30.00.

The fee for those who do not want to fire any of the guns provided by Phoenix but want to bring their own guns will be $25.00 that includes the Barbeque.

You must make your reservations and clip selections by July 23rd so there is time to acquire the ammo necessary to meet the demand.