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Tour of Research Electro-Optics, Inc.
5505 Airport Blvd
Boulder, Colorado

  Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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What is now REO originally formed in 1980 as the electro-optics division of Particle Measuring Systems, a manufacturer of laser based contamination measurement instruments.  During this period they developed substantial expertise in the manufacture of HeNe lasers, superpolished optical surfaces and high performance thin film coatings using ion beam sputtering technology.  This led to an ever-increasing level of business outside of PMS.  REO was then established as a separate company in 1993 so that we could more effectively serve and pursue business with external customers. 


Since that time, the company has grown by concentrating on the volume manufacture of ultra-precision optical products in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared for demanding applications in lasers, military/aerospace, semiconductor fabrication, materials processing, telecommunications and life sciences. 


Today, REO offers a unique range of capabilities and services enabling them to deliver superior value for these markets.


These capabilities include substantial design and engineering resources, comprehensive optical fabrication and coating capabilities, advanced assembly technology and an extensive in-house metrology lab.

REO produces all optics at their facility in Boulder, which houses polishing, assembly, testing, and 38 coating chambers in 80,000 ft2 of manufacturing floor space.  In this well-equipped plant, their highly trained manufacturing and engineering staff, including 25 engineers and more than 20 master opticians, maintain intimate, direct control over every aspect of the design and production process.




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