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April Plant Tour


  5186 Longs Peak Road, Unit F

Berthoud, Colorado

  Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Founded in 1997 by Dan Nibbelink after twenty years as a manufacturing engineer, Colorado WaterJet Company is Colorado's oldest, largest, and most experienced job shop specializing in abrasive waterjet shape cutting. Then and now, dedication to detail is their first priority.


Abrasive waterjet cutting results are superior to traditional cutting processes.  The process can be less expensive when all factors are considered.


It can cut near-net or final shapes, including holes, out of any material, of any thickness, without taper and without creating a heat-affected zone (HAZ).  Standard tolerances are +/- 0.010-inch thickness up to two inches.  Tighter tolerances of up to +/- 0.005 or better are achievable.  Cuts are smooth, with no burr or slag.


Colorado WaterJet’s equipment includes a 5-axis Mach 4c XD Dynamic Water Jet featuring the most advanced waterjet technology available, with 60 degrees of motion and a 78”x157” capacity.  Its fast, high precision shaping capabilities allow them to create highly sophisticated shapes involving bevels, chamfers, and angled holes.


Their other machines include a 72”x144” IFB with Dynamic WaterJet and a 48”x96” Flow A-series. Their ability to cut a myriad of materials with no taper and no distortion or heat damage allows them to closely nest parts, getting the most parts possible from the raw material.


Ideal applications for waterjet shaping include:

  • Net and near net cutting of parts
  • Removing a lot of material to get a final shape
  • Nesting parts to reduce material costs
  • Cutting from the center of a piece of material
  • Working with tough materials that are difficult to machine
  • Shaping materials that are heat sensitive and must maintain temper and avoid stress






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