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Monthly Meeting

36370 Forrest Trail
Elizabeth, Colorado

  Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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The Family Picnic has always been a time when we have tried to bring you something out of the ordinary. And again, this year’s picnic venue is no exception. 

The picnic will be at the Rambler Ranch, a part of a 165-acre estate owned by Terry Gale and Greg Kissinger.

You can easily believe you stepped back in time when using this facility. American Motors, Nash, DeSoto, Dodge, Chrysler, Edsel, Chevrolet, Ford, Renault, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Kaiser, Studebaker, Wolsley Packard, Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, Vauxhall, Lincoln, Mercury, Allstate, Opel, Jeep, Bricklin Funwagon, Citroen, Pontiac, Acura, GMC, Honda and more are represented in the museum.

 Rambler Ranch is a car lovers dream to visit. In addition to the 600 cars, there are thousands of different types of car memorabilia to see. There are five major buildings on the grounds plus a number of outbuildings and garages.

A tour through the Nash building will bring back memories for many visitors.

This is a combined meeting of Chapters 354 and 77 so we can get as many members as possible to take advantage of this opportunity to see this private collection.





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