Chapter 327 Updates on ​Collaborative Project with the New Hampshire Machining Association

Sequencing STEM Education for

Success on The Advanced Manufacturing Highway

The Collaborative Partnership of SME's 327 & NHMA

Mission Statement:

Collaborative Industry and Academic Partnership for the Sequencing of STEM Career Chain links, Concepts and Applications from the Classroom to the Advanced Manufacturing Floor.


Sequencing the Collaborative Conduit 

  • The sequencing of the collaborative conduit is not a specific one time, one target awareness program, instead it is a continuous engagement process.
  • Each activity became an evolving process. This process reinforces the STEM message and provides insight, direction, resources, and identifies the local community which seeks out the next generation of worker.
  • Our program helps connects the manufacturing base here in the state, to the national and global manufacturing community.
  • Tours provided examples of emerging technologies; requiring the most highly qualified worker.
  • Members of both New Hampshire Machining Association and SME’s 327 were able to expand networking solutions. Some members were even able to cultivate new hires through our student membership.
  • Instructors within program were provided with real time production examples to apply in their programming.
  • Tech Advisory Boards were able to enhance and augment core competencies and provide students will broad range of opportunities to participate in embedded job shadows.
  • Commenced development of at risk program awareness program to connect potential candidates with industry.
  • Through this conduit we were able to provide living breathing examples of the “advanced manufacturing” career path, and the demand for a highly qualified worker.

Key Components:


  • Brand the manufacturing base seeded within community of each educational center.
  • Brand and identify each educational center to collaborative members, and industry at large.
  • Identify the sequencing that STEM classes offer in each educational center to the student’s possible career paths and Growing Pathway Successes, (GPS), strategies.
  • Identify for students individual schools with 2 + 2 opportunities and running start credits in an effort to nurture post secondary education as being obtainable.
  • Integrate soft skills coaching as apart of peer interaction via collaborative chapter events.

Total Engagements & Successful for 2013 2014 activity year.

  • Doubled our student members for NHMA and SME Chapter 327! Both high school and post-secondary.
  • High numbers of student participation in evening collaborative tours and activities. We were also had families attend tours! 
  • Participated in largest point of contact venues, total attendance numbers from all events well in excess of 5,000 students. We participated in Open House nights at CTE centers, colleges and even FIRST Robotics Competitions.


  • Participated in the first in the state 8th Grade Career Exploration Day, representing the wide array of career paths in advanced manufacturing. Over 800 participated!  Thanks to our members and collaborative partners we were able to have a live 3D printer available for students to watch and learn from. Educational Stem Solutions provided a 3D printer that students could get a close look at as it produced parts. Students from this high school set up a live bench top miller in which they produced giveaways to attendees. All 8th Graders in Nashua attended that day!


Vision for the future:

As we prepare our tour and event program for the 2014 2015 season we look forward to an exciting year. We have several dates already locked in with seminars on the latest and greatest software advancements for advanced machining techniques. We look forward to expanding our program throughout the state. Stay tuned for more details in the beginning of September! We ask all members to update their email addresses if they haven’t do so already. All members will be notified via Eventbrite as to the current month’s activity and or tour.  The Eventbrite registration process provides detail information as to where the event is located and any specific details and or restricts for the event.


What to become more involved?  All schools are looking to expand there tech advisory boards, embedded job shadow activities, and even programming similar to school to work or internships. If you would like to get move involved and want more details please be sure to contact John Cote, Co-Chair of the chapter, at


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The mission of SME Southern New Hampshire Chapter 327 is to facilitate sharing information regarding the latest manufacturing technologies and to promote mentoring and relationships among manufacturing professionals and others in the southern New Hampshire region.


SME Chapter 327 strives to be recognized in the southern New Hampshire region as the resource for manufacturing professionals at all levels.



Chapter Chair
Bob Scarchilli

John Cote

Rick Atkinson

Amy Raymond

Cary Rosenberg


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Rapid Prototyping Presentation Webinar

What a great event we had by: the SME TCN with Had 5 differnet location in NH at the same time!



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