Sequencing STEM Education for Success on The Advanced Manufacturing Highway


 Collaborative Project with The New Hampshire Machining Association


Sequencing STEM Education for

Success on The Advanced Manufacturing Highway

Live, work and play is the New Hampshire Way!

Developing Social, Career and Economic Success of our children for our communities, state and for the nation.


Key Components:


  • Brand the manufacturing base seeded within community of each educational center.


  • Brand and identify each educational center to collaborative members, and industry at large.


  • Identify the sequencing that certain STEM classes offer in each educational center to the students possible career paths and Growing Pathway Successes, (GPS), strategies.


  • Identify for students individual schools with 2 + 2 opportunities and running start credits in a effort to nurture post secondary education as being obtainable.


  • Identify GPS options for post secondary planning. Nurture students to develop their own post secondary GPS options.


  • Integrate soft skills coaching as apart of peer interaction via collaborative chapter events.


Placing the building blocks as early as possible via feeder Middle Schools to our participating High School level programming.


  •  Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing


  • Develop special road tour for schools which brands the industry seeded within the community using our advanced manufacturing highway. This manufacturing highway maps out the STEM classes students should consider taking as they advance through educational careers.


  •  Partner to help promote STEM related summer camps and identify STEM related afterschool programs. A cross marketing effort to help brand the career path as it relates to STEM educational programming within each School Administrative Unit, (SAU).

Charting our “On-Boarding” of High Schools

& Post Secondary Programs

High School & Post Secondary Programs starting Fall 2013


Nashua STEM Charter School

Milford High School and Applied Technology Center, (Milford ATC)

Nashua High School

Manchester School of Technology, (MST)

UNH – Manchester Campus- ME and Advanced Manufacturing Program

Nashua Community College Advanced Manufacturing Programs, (NCC)

Manchester Community College Advanced Manufacturing Programs, (MCC)

New Hampshire Technical Institute, (NHTI), Engineering, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing program.

Stay Tuned for more exciting details of program!  We are looking forward to the students joining us soon on our monthly tours!  If you would like to become more involved with our "Sequencing STEM Education Program" please contact Cary Rosenberg at

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The mission of SME Southern New Hampshire Chapter 327 is to facilitate sharing information regarding the latest manufacturing technologies and to promote mentoring and relationships among manufacturing professionals and others in the southern New Hampshire region.


SME Chapter 327 strives to be recognized in the southern New Hampshire region as the resource for manufacturing professionals at all levels.



Rapid Prototyping Presentation Webinar

What a great event we had by: the SME TCN with Had 5 differnet location in NH at the same time!


Chapter Chair
Bob Scarchilli

John Cote

Rick Atkinson

Amy Raymond

Cary Rosenberg 


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