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Carl Presenting

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Chapter meeting tonight

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A Letter from the SME Memphis 105 Chair, Brooks Sease

Hello fellow SME members,

I am originally from Dayton, Ohio but work has brought me to Memphis, TN. When involved with the SME Dayton 18 I always enjoyed our monthly newsletters and the Presidents welcome for the upcoming year to members so hear...

Lean Bronze Certification Passed

Thanks to Carl for teaching the Lean Bronze Certification class recently and congrats to: Dave Kennedy, Don Russell and Rajesh Balasubramanin!

Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship Opportunity - SME has been fortunate to receive a very generous scholarship endowment to directly benefit graduating high school seniors, GED recipients and displaced workers pursing an associate degree or technology certificate. The scholarships...


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    SME Memphis 105 in 2014

    Memphis No. 105

    Hello fellow SME 105 Members, We have a lot planned for the coming year but we are always welcome to your input so...

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    Certification Exams-Saturday, Jan 18 (Date Changed)

    Memphis No. 105

    Once again the SME University of Memphis Student Chapter S140 & SME Memphis 105 will administer the SME Certification...

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    SME Certification Exams

    Memphis No. 105

    A session where the online versions of the SME certification exams (CMfgT, CMfgE & Lean) will be administered will...

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    SME certification summer study groups

    Memphis No. 105

    The Memphis Chapter 105 & University of Memphis Student Chapter S140 are organizing 2013 study groups with the initial...

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    Memphis Updates

    Memphis No. 105

    We now have a local jobs page listed!!! Much Thanks Roger Castillo at SME. Also, we have recently updated our Mission...



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    Presentation by Isao Yoshino Last Night

    Posted in: Memphis...

    We had 17 members and guests at our meeting last night to listen to our guest presenter. It was very...

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    SME Certification Exams On January 18

    Posted in: Memphis...

    Time to apply through SME is up, may accept Monday applications. I believe we have 5 that are up to...

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    Our Last Challenge Question of the Month

    Posted in: Memphis...

    Who is our MIRM for chapter 105, how long have they been a member of SME and what TCN do they fac...

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    Did You Miss The Chapter Meeting?

    Posted in: Memphis...

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    Chapter Meeting Tonight

    Posted in: Memphis...

    November 20, 2013 6:30 PM SME Chapter 105 meeting. Jason's Deli Conference Room - Poplar & Highland....