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Congrats to Chapter 105 Memphis for their Bronze Status
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    Lean Certification Exams Jan 24, 2015

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    SME Memphis 105 & SME University of Memphis S140...

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SME Certification Exams

SME Memphis 105 & SME U of Memphis S140 will be proctoring any/all SME professional certification exams on Jan 24, 2015. Let us know if you are up to the challenge!

Applied Lean Leadership Conference-Memphis

The conference was on Oct 9 & 10, with a pre-conference celebration of MfgDay. All were quite successful, awesome speakers and excellent networking opportunity!

A Letter from the SME Memphis 105 Chair, Brooks Sease

Hello fellow SME members,

I am originally from Dayton, Ohio but work has brought me to Memphis, TN. When involved with the SME Dayton 18 I always enjoyed our monthly newsletters and the Presidents welcome for the upcoming year to members so hear I go with tradition:

Many of you may know me but some of you do not. For those who don't know me, here is a little about me. I was born and raised on a farm in Pitsburg, Ohio (outside of Dayton). From being raised on a farm, I grew up to be very technical and was always trying to figure things out. It also never hurts getting to ride and drive a lot of really cool vehicles. From this, I knew that I wanted to be an engineer and worked on making that happen since the 7th grade. Their is only so much math and science they let you take! I eventually ended up at Sinclair in Dayton to start my degree and would then end up at the University of Dayton for three years where I started in Mechanical Engineering Technology and ended up doubling in Manufacturing Engineering Technology due to a special person named Bob Wolff. Bob convinced me to join the Manufacturing side as well as join SME at UD because I was asking for more things to do.....and I have never looked back. Bob Mott was also a good SME UD contact locally and have always enjoyed encounters with these guys. I always seem to find out a lot of SME members know these guys which is just crazy but shows the networking ability of SME. The same goes for Carl Williams and these guys all know each other from SME.

I have been a member of SME since 2004 as a student Chair and vice-chair for multiple years thanks to Bob Wolff and his small nudge to get involved. After graduating I was involved as multiple officers with SME Dayton 18 where I worked at Norwood Medical for four years while attending UD for my MBA. Upon working at Norwood I found that I wanted more and was recruited by a past coworker to move to Memphis and work for Smith & Nephew. I was at Smith for 3 years launching the JOURNEY II BCS and CR knees and I completed my MBA at UT of Martin. When I moved here I quickly found my future wife, Jamie Sease, who has always supported my MBA and now my involvement with SME. While getting married and working on a fast paced MBA I found myself disengaged with SME unfortunately. Once my MBA was completed I decided to change that and I rejoined SME at the Memphis Chapter thanks to Carl and Jim Whitehead and have had a great time since with our awesome members. I now work at Zimmer Spine in Memphis where we have combined inspection and operations from two locations into one. We are now working to reduce our process times, inspections all in order to meet our TAKT time and reduce inventory. I have enjoyed some of the challenges and I am always looking for ways to better myself. SME helps me with this need for growth and networking.

Well, enough about me....what about SME Memphis?

Before we talk about what we have been doing I want to thank those for supporting SME 105 and myself as the Chair-Elect in 2013. I also want to thank some members around the US for continuing to support the Memphis Chapter.

Special Thanks to:
Dali Markovic
Carl Williams
Jim Whitehead
Jerry Kennedy
Ralton Emory
Deborah Robbins
Roger Castillo
.....and many others!

We have a great group of people who care about manufacturing, engineering, education, the future and SME and it shows in our chapter. We have made it a long way this past year in getting SME into the social media to communicate to you and we had some great events but we have a lot more potential and we know it! We have found other ways to reach our members and we get recognition from SME in Detroit monthly for our events, blogs, feeds, etc… We have also worked with SME national on how to get local jobs posted on our webpage and we were the first to figure this out with help from Roger. We have done a lot but now is the time to use these tools to grow the chapter and find new ways to prepare and grow our members and future members. That is our goal. The money we raise goes to scholarships, training for our members and events for our members. We will keep this chapter transparent and we plan to keep our members informed and engaged. More engagement means more events such as tours, speakers, training, etc... These are all things we are working on and we plan to have the year outlined in the coming weeks on what we plan to do. We are looking at new ways to increase our events and we hope to share that news shortly. We are also always looking for new ways to engage members and new ideas for events so please tell us. Go to the Directory tab at and click on "Contact Memphis 105" or "Memphis Chapter Officers" to find out who we are and you can also search for us in the directory. Please feel free to call me, text me, email me or any of our members. We want to hear from the members, we want to know what you want, we want the members engaged because we want to help you grow with us. SME is for the members and we intend to keep it that way.

So you ask, what did we do last year? Great question....a lot!

2013 Recognitions:
Carl Williams - Diamond Status
Jim Whitehead - Award of Merit
2012 Bronze Chapter Award
SME Memphis 105 recognized for 60 years of membership

2013 Events & Facts:
Engineers Week - MJEC
Student Competition – Southwest Tennessee College
Plant Tours & Speakers
Ole Miss – Toyota Speaker
IPS Tour – Jim Whitehead
SME Leaderships Series – Memphis & Milwaukee
SME Annual Conference – Baltimore - 2 Members
MFG Day 2013
NuCor Tour
Meetings with ASQ for 2014 planning
Monthly Executive & Member Meetings

SME Memphis Growth
Webpage updated to match national SME standards
Vision & Mission Statements revised
Facebook Page started
Twitter feed started and is seen on the webpage @MemphisSME
Linkedin page started
Videos of SME events posted to YouTube
Local job postings on webpage
142 Members strong!

So what do we have planned for 2014? We plan a lot of the same events from last year but we want to expand training, tours and speakers. Do you have some ideas and contacts? Please tell us! We want to hear from you, our members. Email me at my info below or at our SME email address:

Thank you for allowing me to be your Chair for 2014. I look forward to meeting all of you and growing our chapter for future success while supporting our member growth.

Brooks Sease
2014 SME Memphis 105 Chair

M 937-369-3445

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